SVP wins ANPS Choir Competition

Have you ever heard the name Vicapella at SVP before? I bet you haven’t. Yes! The name Vicapella (Victory Acapella) was established when SVP registerd a group to join the ANPS Annual Choir Competition 2017. However, the choir itself had not been established at that time. Finally, the name was just randomly picked as our choir team.

After the registration, what could be the next challenge? The supervisors: Pak Chrys, Pak Daz, and Bu Stephanie worked hard to secure members for Vicapella. Hardly, the supervisors just put names that they thought they could sing and sent a commitment letter to their parents. Although at first they felt pressured, by the time they could finally enjoy the practice that was led by Ka Sita as choir conductor.

We (Vicapella) had a really intensive practice with some changes of the members during the process. We also had a difficult time because we needed to prepare for  the Green Concert performance at the same time. However, supervisors, the conductor, and members all made a huge effort to practice everyday in the last week before the competition. In the end, the members had prepared themselves for three songs: Cantate Hodie as the compulsory song, I Am the Earth as our own choice song, and Yamko Rambe Yamko as the Indonesian folklore song.

On February 18, 2017, we all gathered at SVP at 7AM to prepare for the performance, including finalizing costumes, make up, accessories and face painting, as well as warming up and a having one last practice. It was a hectic situation but we all enjoyed it. Finally at 9AM we departed from SVP to Sekolah Tiara Bangsa.

The event for the secondary competition was held at 11AM and we were the second contestants to perform. We had a holding room for last preparations and were backstage when the first contestants (Springfield School) were performing, so we couldn’t watch their performance. When the MC called us, we walked and stood on the stage in front of the judges and audience. There were many people watching!

We had 12 minutes to perform those three songs. We heard everyone clapping after every song we sang, especially when we finished Yamko Rambe Yamko with spectacular sound, movement, and musical instruments. We believed that we had performed our best and we would just await the result that was supposed to be announced at 2PM.

After our performance we had spare time for lunch and also watching the performances of following contestants. There were five schools competing. These were Springfield, SVP, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School, Mentari, and Sekolah Bogor Raya. Every group performed really well and we all just prayed for the best result.

We had a two hour break before the announcement. During the time, we were so nervous and tried to kill the time by watching our performance video, ate, chatted, and sang together. When it was finally the time to gather again in the venue, every contestant was there to witness the crowning of the champion in this choir competition.

The primary school category winners were announced first and then the secondary school category. There were three categories in this competition: Highest Diploma, Best Interpretation of Compulsory Song (Cantate Hodie) and Best Conductor. The judges started by announcing the lowest diploma to the highest. They mentioned Sampoerna Academy Boarding School as the 5th position of diploma. Then they continued mentioning the 4th and 3rd position. Vicapella had not been called, which meant we would be at least in 2nd position. Finally the judge called Mentari School in 2nd place and announced that Vicapella had been awarded 1st place with Gold Diploma Level 2.

We all gathered on the stage to accept the trophy and have pictures taken. Then, the judges asked us to go back to our seats. Before we had reached our seats, the judges announced the winner of Best Interpretation of Compulsory Song (Cantate Hodie). It was Vicapella again! We happily screamed and got back to the stage to accept our 2nd trophy. In less than 3 minutes, the judges then announced Ka Sita from Vicapella as the Best Conductor of the competition. We had won all categories and took all the trophies in the competition. It was a miraculous moment!

After the announcement, we had a chance to take photos on the stage and celebrate our victory together. We believed that hard work would always lead to great things. Then, we realized that we all: members, supervisors, and conductor must take this victory in our hearts to give another best performance in the Green Concert 2017. Viva La Vicapella!


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