WWF INDONESIA – Panda Mobile Visit Sekolah Victory Plus


1It is our responsibility to give back what we’ve taken from the earth since we, modern humans, have exploited mother nature either directly or indirectly. We need to educate our society, our family, our children, our students and even ourselves on how to conserve our environment. It is no coincidence that the Sekolah Victory Plus Art Festival 2017 had the theme of “Green Environment” and held a “Green Concert” at the conclusion of the festival. And because of that, Sekolah Victory Plus, for the first time ever, was honored with the presence of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the International Leading Organization in Wildlife Conservation and Endangered Species.

One of their divisions, the WWF Panda Mobile, came to our school on 23 February to share inspiring stories, ideas, and workshops about environmental conservation. The activities they led were interactive, fun and memorable because all of the instructors were young and enthusiastic men and women who have dedicated their lives to WWF and were extremely happy to be surrounded by children. Approximately 500 students from ECE, Primary and Secondary followed the interactive games, movies, workshops all day using many multimedia resources, books in the truck library and even mini-laboratories in several school areas and facilities as well as in their own lovely Panda Mobile truck in school lobby. They brought several topics about endangered species in Indonesia, nature conservation, water minilab, and how to recycle waste in our daily life.

Bapak Pratama Aditya, the instructor leader of this workshop, stated that SVP students are totally 100% cooperative, highly initiative, and willing to help the environment. He hopes in the future SVP students can be brave and vocal leaders in the world who always prioritize earth conservation and campaign for a greener environmental.

Thank you WWF!


Prepared by Adolfus Chrys, Secondary Arts Department




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