ANPS Early Childhood Conference 2017

The Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS) annually holds a conference for Early Childhood educators.  The aim is to provide a one-day conference focused on career-empowering, knowledge, practices, networking and practical teaching solutions, designed with the specific needs of teachers in mind, particularly to provide teaching and leadership tools to educators from the Playgroup, Kindergarten, and Early Primary teachers, leaders and emerging leaders in the early years.

This year, ECE SVP is honored to be the host for this conference.  It was held on the 4th of February 2017 with the theme “It Starts with Us” and around 200 early childhood educators from schools around Indonesia participated in this event.

The conference was started with the Keynote Speaker, IbuSuciRatri from Bali Green School who shared inspiring practices about sustainability, leadership, experiential education and cultural appreciation from her school.

This conference also provided breakout sessions where the participants could learn from other qualified early childhood educators from other schools. As a school that offers the best practices in education, Sekolah Victory Plus was given the privilege to send its educators to lead 3 out of 8 breakout sessions.  They are Ibu Early and Ibu Aini (PYP Coordinators), Ibu Mayang (PYP Counselors) and Ibu Maria (ECE Principal).  They shared their expertise in teaching and learning which is also inline with SVP focus of education.

Another engaging learning moment from this conference was the symposiums after the breakout sessions.  The first symposium was a discussion about the best practices in Early Childhood Education in regards to the theme itself, It Starts with Us.  The participants had the opportunity to learn from three experienced educators, namely Carol Engmann (Principal of Jakarta Montessori School), Thelma Poetiray (Director of Sekolah Lentera Kasih), Shareen Ratnani (Director of Kiddie Planet).  It was an engaging session led by Mr. Liam Hammer (Head of School SVP) as the moderator. The second symposium talked about SPK Accreditation presented by Prof. Dr. Netti Herawati as the representative from Badan Akreditasi Nasional.

We received many positive feedbacks from the participants about the conference as well as good impressions about SVP.  Thank-you to all school members who have supported this national-wide event to ran successfully.

Written by Maria Bhekti Utari (ECE Principal)


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