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Clafinova, which stands for Classical Music in the afternoon of Art Festival, is a semi-formal classical music exhibition in which participants are SVP Family members, including students, teachers, parents and employees in SVP.  ‘Clafinova’ is derived from the word Clavinova, a famous digital piano in our 3rd floor Music Room that has been used so many times for celebrating many school concerts and musical productions in SVP.  As a classical program, Clafinova doesn’t mean to only be a piano recital, but includes all kinds of musical instruments. So, why classical? Well, since many other events incorporate popular music, we decided to dedicate one event to solely classical music which has many fans, lovers and admirers from all walks of life.

Our first Clafinova was on Monday, 20 February. Sadewa was filled with people, which was beyond any expectation we previously expected. There were many students, teachers and even our Head of School, Bapak Liam Hammer, who all enthusiastically supported Clafinova, giving their full attention to the entire program. Several pieces were played, including Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in G Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for Stringquartet 1st Movement, which was played by secondary students and teachers: Noah, Zaza, Devi, Rafael (all Violin), Jason, Pak Rulli (both Cello) and Pak Chrys (Viola). Next was Duet Sonata Violin and Piano in A Major from the same composer played by Noah and Gytha. Finally, Pak Dasrizal charmingly sang a “Bring Him Home” from the musical Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

The next program that grabbed so much attention was brought to us by our talented primary students on piano.  Alberta performed Jazz pieces titled Persistent Rhythm, Jazz in the Park and Old Train Ride. Emma introduced us to the Spinning Song by Albert Ellmenreich. Vanessa and Darrell brought us Sonatas from Piano Preparation; Magic Man, Caravan Man and Gravity Falls. Clafinova was also very fortunate to have our secondary student Matalino to play Waltz Variation No. 34 from Frederic Chopin.  There was a very long standing applause from the audience after he finished the closing program, which also signaled the end of the first official Clafinova. Hope to see you soon at the next Clafinova!

Prepared by Adolfus Chrys – Arts Department, Secondary

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