ECE Arts Festival



We are excited to tell you all about the Art Festival we held on the 23rd-24th February 2017. It was a real super FUNtastic day where the students and teachers learned and explored a variety of Performing and Visual arts.

It started with a delightful visit to the WWF Panda Mobile. Each class of EY1 and EY 2 had a chance to visit the Panda Mobile and listened to a story organized by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Through this activity, students learned about taking care of the earth and keeping the animals safe by saving the trees and the forests. The excitement continued with a Magic show performance. Students, parents and teachers were overjoyed watching the interactive performance and magic tricks performed by the guest speaker.

After break time the fun continued. This time, the students attended a variety of Art workshops. There were Mural, Puppet Making, Fun coloring, Ballet, Wushu and Modern Dance. We invited students from Universitas Nasional Jakarta majoring in Art, some professional dancers and Wushu instructors to be part of our event. It was a  super fantastic day for the students to experience different kinds of art activities. See you again in the next Art festival!

Written by Ibu Lya, ECE Vice Principal


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