ALUMNI Meet and Greet : Nadia Wahika Putri



Our first official alumni meet and greet session was held on March, 17th 2017 with Nadia Wahika Putri. She is one of our 2013 alumni who is working at WestPac Banking Corporation in Australia as the Technology Asset Manager. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Business Information Systems with distinction at the University of Wollongong (UcW) in 2016.

One advantage of having this session is to give inspiration of a successful SVP student. Nadia put a lot of hardwork to finish her high school so ended with a very satisfying score. In addition, she was very proactive; looking for scholarship opportunities which give benefit for admission entry. Another benefit of having this session is to gain more information such as variety of scholarships available, opportunity to join intership programs, and a wide range of types of work. There are many different types of scholarships; such as scholarships from the Indonesian government, the university or specific institutions like banks and private companies which may also have different requirements. Moreover, there are many intership programs which are available in the last year of their study. Nadia took the intership program in WestPac Banking Corporation where she could expand her networking and experienced work in the big 4 of banking in Australia. What is more, Australia provides a wide range of types of work which give us wider opportunity to gain a job. Nadia planned to work in WestPac after finishing her study and fortunately she was accepted to work there. Finally, the meet and greet session with alumni was done successfully and was really beneficial for students. They were inspired by Nadia’s story to pursue her career. We are planning to have more meet and greet sessions which can invite more alumni.

Please contact Ibu Stephanie if you know an alumni with a great story to share.


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