“Your Words are Powerful” Changing Words, Changing Lives..


IMG-20170322-WA0042 (1)

This phrase tells us that words have power to destroy or heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. This time, the topic of our Parents’ Sharing Session was about how to communicate well with children. Opened with a prayer by Ibu Lilies, followed with an ice breaking activity led by Ibu Early, as the MC, the participants were asked to find their partners and list 7 changes of function of stuff/things they had. It was very challenging and fun actually. They were forced to be creative, until they understood the changes, for example glasses become a hairband, a bracelet become an earing, a belt become a necklace, and some other incredable inventions. We learnt that to change a habit is challenging. We tend to go back to our old habits. However, everything is possible to happen, if there is a commitment.

After the ice breaking, Ibu Yustina started the session. Her messages told us that good words can make our children’s lives better in the future. Our words are very powerful for creating opportunities for them to grow into a formidable person. The words are important to help them develop a positive identity, broaden their way of thinking, build mutual trust between children and parents, create positive relationships, and influence them to also use positive language in everyday situations.

The elements of language are; words, phrases, sentences, tone of voice and body language. Therefore, we should use language effectively. We should avoid sarcasm, labeling or manipulation towards children. We are recommended to use simple and short sentences when we guide children what to do. Give some time to do something positive, avoid discouraging and bias language that may give stereotypes impression.

Ibu Yustina shared the tips on how to strengthen envisioning language, reinforcing language, reminding language, and redirecting language. The participants were encouraged to make sentences according to some cases by using the tips given. Many parents shared their ideas, some based on their experiences.

This session was attended by 51 participants of SVP parents. We’d like to say thank you for participating . Thanks to Ibu Yustina, Ibu Early, the Steering Committee and Education Commission for a great collaboration and cooperation to this event. See you all in the next session..

by Lucia Rita
For Education Commission







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