Grade 7 Excursion to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah



Grade 7 students had a chance to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah / TMII for an excursion. They visited Hakka Museum at Tionghoa Park for the Mandarin Subject, Snowbay for the PHE subject and Fresh Water World and Insect museum for Science.

At the Hakka Museum, the tour guide introduced the history and back story about the museum, he also taught students how Chinese people immigrated to Indonesia and eventually blended in with the Indonesian people. He also taught students that former Indonesian President Bapak Abdurrahman Wahid, or Gusdur, has Tionghoa heritage too. With Mandarin teachers Pak Ferix and Bu Vina, students looked at famous photos of the Tionghoa people in Indonesia, watched a traditional puppet show, ate traditional Indonesian food that comes from China and much more.

At Snowbay, students exercised through many games in the water park, they ran, cheered, screamed, jumped, swam and much more under the supervision of Pak Septian, PHE teacher. Students also have to observe all the games in Snowbay and reflect on the activities they participated in.

The last visit the students had was at the Fresh Water and Insect World. The teacher in charge for this activity was Pak Dendy. In these museums there were many species from all over the world, such as fresh water fish and tropical insects including butterflies and dragonflies. In this museum, students observed the morphology and the classification of each species.

By doing these excursions we hope that students will get more knowledge from each subject that they have learned in TMII and it will also bring more meaningful activities for the understanding of the concepts they learn at school.

Written by Bapak Septiana Wahid, Secondary PE Teacher









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