Nursery Learning Celebration



Throughout the third unit (How The World Works), Nursery students learnt that living things respond to the Earth’s cycle. More specifically, they learnt about the Earth’s natural cycles, the changing patterns of the Earth’s cycle and their responses to the Earth’s natural cycle. The students learnt that people’s responses are reflected by the different kinds of activities and outfits for each season, for example having a picnic on a sunny day or wearing a jacket to stay warm in winter.

To conclude their learning experiences they had a Learning Celebration on Tuesday, March 14th, where they demonstrated their understanding of how people respond to various seasons and weather conditions. At this special event, nursery students proved that they were awesome role models as they knew well how to parade on the catwalk and strike a pose. Walking in pairs, they presented the latest trends created by their fashionable parents. They were able to walk slowly and happily smile to the audience. Moreover, they confidently showed off their outfits that represented the particular season they had chosen, whether it was winter, dry or wet season. Although Indonesia has only two seasons, it is nice to know that other countries have different seasons such as winter. During the gallery walk, right after the fashion show, the students were able to answer parents’ questions, such as: what seasons are there in Indonesia?, what season they represented?, what can they see during a particular season?, what does it feel like?, and what do people usually wear and do during that season?

Great effort, everyone!

written by Ibu Gita Tondok, Nursery Year Leader



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