Europe Immersion Programme


From March 4th-19th 2017, Grade 11 students had the chance to live and adapt with the Dutch family throughout the course of one week. Students really felt how living with a family from a different cultural background is like. One of them is cycling in cold weather, which isn’t an easy thing to do for our students in the beginning of their visit in Best. After a few days they actually really enjoyed it, and said that it was an activity they had never experienced before.


During our stay with these Dutch families, we also visited several famous attractions in the Netherlands, such as : Dam square, Delta project, Windmills, and other tourist attractions.

One week passed without us even knowing. If at first we had worries about how hard it would be for us to adapt with their culture and customs, we finally realized that our worries weren’t true. We actually could adapt with their habits very easily. It is unfortunate that we had to leave the family so soon and continue our journey throughout Europe. We also visited several universities during our visit, such as : Groeningen University, Waganingen University, Technology University of Eindhoven, and Hanze University. From these visits students gained information about the majors that these universities offer, and what preparation they need in order to study there. (Hesty Marlina)

Below are their impressions of the trip :

  • This immersion program has given me a lot of new experiences and of course, memories. Not only I had the chance to meet new people, but I also had the chance to learn their culture, their language and be a part of the Dutch family. While we were learning their culture and language, we were surprised because there are some words in our and their language that have the same meaning, same pronunciation. Named, gratis and korting. We’ve been to at least 6 out of 12 provinces in The Netherlands. And not to mention we also had the chance to visit some countries in West Europe. All I can say is the program is very recommended. (Azqiya Dimar S, 11 Smith)
  • The Immersion program experience in The Netherlands had changed our perspectives of the different cultures that people in different countries have. We Indonesian and Dutch people have a lot of differences and also a lot in common. We discovered that we have similar words such as; Handuk, Telat, Gratis, or Kulkas. Even Om, Tante, Oma, and Opa. But, our culture and way of living is very different. In The Netherlands the common transportation use is bicycles while in Indonesia, cars and motorcycles are commonly used. Our experience in Best is one of the best one yet (no pun intended), we live with our host families that are very welcoming. We cycled to school every day, and we found out that from the age of 15, students usually look for side jobs. We went to the Efteling Theme Park, Delta Work project, etc. It was a very fun experience and we learn so much about the Dutch culture. It was certainly the most unforgettable 2 weeks of my life And I’m very looking forward to go there again! (Nadine Serevina, 11 Smith)
  • The two weeks in Europe was one of the best parts of my life. It was a great new experience especially the first week where we lived with the host family, I learned to adjust to the everyday Dutch life in Best (Netherlands) and learned the differences and also things in common that our countries and life has. The whole educational trip has made me realize what kind of university I want to attend in in the upcoming future and also the environment that I want to stay in. Not only educationally but I also had a lot of fun with the friends and family I met there, and of course also the friends and teacher who fly with me from SVP in this trip. Everyone got so close to the point we felt like we’re at home the whole time. The trip is a memory that I will cherish forever, a unforgettable memory that I’ll forever remember (Milenia Kartika, 11 Smith)
  • New friends. New horizons. Those are some of the things I have gained during my stay in Europe for two weeks. If I have to be honest I was not looking forward to the trip very much prior to my departure. I’m quite an introverted person and meeting new people is not really in my list of favorite things to do. I’m glad I was proven wrong. My host family turned out to be very nice and the people I have met in the Netherlands are all my new friends. The activities exceed all of my expectations as well. At first, I thought we would only be experiencing school life with our host friends, which, frankly speaking, sounds a bit boring. In reality, we traveled to a lot of interesting places and experienced many new things. After we left our host family in the Netherlands we also traveled to Belgium, Germany, and France. We visited many cool places which I was very excited to see. My favorite experience was the Paris by night boat ride, it was one of the beautiful spectacles I have ever seen. The Europe Immersion program is something I’ll never forget. (Bondan G, 11 Smith)
  • It’s quite amazing how much I miss the Netherlands now. I miss the biking (even though I fell once), the food, the cold breeze, thick coats, and mostly, the people. Small moments that we shared truly left an imprint in our hearts. At first, of course there was some sort of fear of not fitting in and being left out. What if it was too cold? What if they left me out of their conversations because I couldn’t speak dutch? What if it was awkward during dinner time with the family? All those hesitations proved to be pointless as the whole experience was the exact opposite. I immediately felt accepted as the people there all welcomed us warmly, enthusiastically showed us around, and was very understanding. My host family even cooked me rice for lunch the next morning because she heard we Indonesians eat rice every day. I had made new friends I never thought I would make from countries I’ve never been. What a memorable trip it was, the only fault was that I wish we could’ve stayed longer.(Maria Monalisa, 11 Mendel)
  • The most activity that I like when we are going together are in when riding bicycle  and Efteling. So let’s move to the first activity that I like in Europe or Netherland that is riding bicycle. I really comfortable to ride bicycle there. Why I like it? because the road is very quiet and very flat. Even though the bike is tall but still I really like it. And it is cold outside. The second is in Efteling, that amusement park is as big as Disneyland (but more bigger). There are so many familiar and unfamiliar attractions that I see there. I think that’s all for the best day in Europe experiences and I hope we can meet again in October. (M.Fauzan, 11 Mendel)

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