Jatim Immersion Programme

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Happy and excited faces were seen on our students, who were ready to experience the Jatim Immersion Programme journey.

A week before it, we had a couple of meetings to do various simulations. We had train and train station simulations and also airplane and airport simulations. We also made our own agreement to make sure that everyone understood what to do and what not to do during our journey.

Therefore, when we started the journey by train, all students really understood what to do based on the agreement and simulation we had previously at school. We continued the journey by using bus and enjoyed our educational and cultural journey in Malang, East Java.
At the start, we visited Majapahit sites and continued on to Gubug Klakah, our homestay destination. During the visit, a lot of, “oh”, “wow”, “now I know” came out from our students while listening to the guide’s explanation about Majapahit history. The experience is more meaningful then reading a history book as they could also see various artefacts there.
And, even though rain was welcoming us at Gubug Klakah, that didn’t stop us enjoying the view and the hospitality from the local people. Not long after we went in to our homestay, we were invited to gather in Balai Desi and experience the welcoming ceremony. Then, we slept and continued our educational journey in Gubug Klakah.

We were doing local dances, taming a “fake cow”, teaching modern dance to local people there, riding a jeep, milking and drinking milk and doing agricultural education activities. We’ve learned ways to plant and harvest various vegetables and fruits from the best people. A lot of activities to train SVP students to have life skills they need.

To end our activity at Glubug Klakah, all students and teachers together with local people there, were all playing traditional games, giving away presents and delivering our gratitude to the Gubug Klakah community. We were all so grateful for the hospitality.
The next morning, all students woke up with enthusiasm and high spirits as we started with morning games, as we believe that with a healthy body gives a healthy mind. Students played various games led by all teachers where they had to work together as a team, being open-minded and caring to one another. Well done, everyone!

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Then, we continued our activity by visiting Museum Tubuh. There were so many questions being asked by our students during our learning activity there. Even though some of them have come to this place before, they would find something new to be learned, as an old Chinese Chan (Zen) said “Empty your cup” so we can always find something new for our learning.
That day, we had a tight schedule. After visiting Museum Tubuh, we continued our learning in the Museum Transportasi. However, it didn’t muffle our enthusiasm to have more fun together. Even in the middle of our journey, our students always made us proud as they courageously came forward and danced with the dancers at the Museum Transportasi. Marvellous!
Before we ended our Immersion Programme journey, all students went to Madura by passing Suramadu bridge. We were so excited as most of them had never passed Suramadu bridge. And at the end of the road, we could taste a very delicious duck originaly from Madura. Hmm.. so yummy and delicious.
From this journey, all students really applied 4 out of 5 ATL skills that they have learned at school. They applied:

  • Thinking skills to find ways to cope when they face difficulties as they didn’t have their parents for 5 days.
  • Communication skills to express and share their thoughts clearly and nicely.
  • Social skills to respect others, cooperate and resolve conflict among friends, teachers and other people they met during the trip.
  • Self-management skills to organise themselves and use their time effectively and efficiently, especially without their parents around to help and support them.

Hopefully, by having this Immersion Programme, our students can also show and apply those skills at home and be a good example to other people.
And thank you to all parents for their continuous support by trusting us, as their chaperones, during the 5-day trip.
We do hope we can continue to have this programme every year as it has proven to be an effective way to apply our teaching and learning into our daily life application.

written by Ibu Esterlita Sitanggang, Primary School Principal




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