Grade 12 Live in


Sekolah Victory Plus believes that learning not only happens at school, but outside our walls, as well. In addition to academic skills, the school also focuses on the development of social and personal skills. Students gain as many opportunities to develop these skills.

The purpose of the Live In Program is to give opportunities to the students to implement the knowledge learned during classes at SVP and the mastery of the personal and social skills embedded in those lessons. We expect them to be aware of their community, the needs of others, to practice empathy and to continue to develop their social skills. The outcome of the program is that all the students will be more responsible when making their own choices and in the future become caring and balanced leaders.

This year, we chose a small village in Dukuh Plengan, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo, part of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). We travelled by train and continued by bus to reach the site. Two participants lived with one host family and joined their daily activities. We went to the fields, found grass for the cows, harvested chili, made palm sugar, peeled cassava and other productive activities.

We also performed some community service by installing a lamp for the villagers. The road which used to be dark, now has light!

written by Ibu Agnes Budiastuti, MYP Coordinator


One thought on “Grade 12 Live in

  1. Meutia says:

    Atta brought lots of story.. he was so happy to learn so much from the live in programs. Eventhough it was only 3 days but it was very meaningfull for him. He was so excited and feeling blessfull to get in touch with the people and family in the village. He called the host lady as “ibu angkatku during the live-in”.

    It is a good programme to sharpening his emphaty, to share, to learn that people are difderent one to another but we can live together with good listening and understanding. The most… he is more thankfull to what he has.

    Thank you for SVP to create this opportunity to our children!


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