“Guard Yourself….” Women’s Health – Cervical Cancer Prevention


Guarding ourselves from diseases is our personal responsibilities, especially from the diseases that can be easily prevented. Cervical Cancer is one of them, as it is the second highest killer of women in the world, caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and can be easily prevented. Therefore, our third Parents’ Sharing Session was about: “Women’s Health – Cervical Cancer Prevention”. It was held on April 12th, 2017 with Dr. Regina Tatiana Purba, SpOG. as the speaker.

We all know that a healthy life is very important, and as a woman, it is important for us to be aware about women’s health. We have so many activities for our family such as taking care of our children, working, doing household activities, etc. Cervical cancer mostly occurs to women aged between 36 to 55 years old, in Indonesia. On average one woman dies every hour because of cervical cancer and 266,000 women die a year worldwide. Deaths due to Cervical cancer can be minimized or even prevented if we can detect this disease early enough. No one wants to be infected by cancer but it can be happen.

Cervical cancer is a cancer at the cervix, the area that connects the womb and the vagina. We learned that HPV infection is not only caused by free sex but also by the transmission of HPV virus from sexual penetration or sexual activity with different partners. From the initial HPV infection up to cervical cancer needs some time, but in many cases, the cancer disease was only detected when it is at already at 3rd – 4th stage (worst condition.)

Dr Regina explained that cervical cancer can be prevented by having a vaccine and regular pap smears. We could consult with our Obgyn doctors. The cervical cancer vaccine is suggested to be given starting from 11-12 years old. Pap smears are suggested for women who are married or sexually active. The purpose of a pap smear is to see the condition of our cervix, whether it is normal or not and to detect any cancer symptoms. If the condition is normal, then we can check it again in the following year; but if not, then the doctor will do  another follow up examination according to the result. Nowadays, there’s a new type of pap smear that could check the HPV. The result is more accurate. If it is negative, we could do the checking again in the next three years. The vaccine can be given if the pap smear result is normal.

This session was very useful, we could see it from  eighty enthusiastic women who joined this session. We set two Q&A sessions, but still seem can’t accommodate the participants’ questions and curiosities. We’d like to convey our gratitude to Dr Regina Tatiana Purba SpOG, for leading this session, and also to all sponsors: RS Hermina Bekasi, RS Mitra Keluarga Bekasi, PT Merck Sharp & Dohme, and Snoop’s Puff. The participants were given special vouchers & goodie bags from RS Hermina, goodie bags and free Body Fat Analysis from RS Mitra Keluarga, snack boxes from MSD & Snoop’s Puff. Thank you to all Education Commission and SVP team for the efforts to make this session happen. Again, thank you to all SVP Moms who joined this session, see you all in our next session.

written by Ibu Lucia Rita
For PSG Education Commission


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