Nothing More Than A Dream, It’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream : 2017’s Promenade


Prom: the one night when worries have no place in our minds and curfews are broken as people dance the night away. This night has always been a tradition to hold – and this year did not disappoint.

Prom night marks the culmination of the 12 Graders’ high school moments, as it’s the night where memories are made. It means a happy ending to the 12 years they’ve spent investing in the future they are now in the process of embarking on.

The event was held at Sampoerna Strategic’s Function Hall at Karet, Jakarta and was the first SVP prom to occur off campus. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was the theme of SVP’s sixth batch HexCiclos prom. Taken from one of Shakespeare’s most prominent plays, the theme felt fitting. The hall was grandiosely adorned with decorations that supported the theme, and as an introduction to the event, a humorous Indonesian version of Shakespeare’s love triangle was acted out by Intan, Nina and Junior from Grade 11.

The event continued with the phenomenal superlatives announcement: ‘The Extreme Puberty Change’, ‘The Tom and Jerry’ and ‘The Best Friend Goals’, which turned out to be unpredictable and worth remembering. The pinnacle of the event was marked by the awarding of the prestigious prom king and queen crown that went to Indra Widjaja and Franda. With the melodic performance led by Monalisa, Mike, Jose and Junior from Grade 11, and Kevin from Grade 10, the prom king and queen led the slow dance of the 2017 prom.

The night was not over yet. DJ Alvin stepped in to light up the night with his progressive tracks. Everyone in the house jumped and danced on the dance floor. What a night to remember! Thanks to our sponsors: Sosro, Mandiri, Sampoerna, Gen FM and also Tante Emay from PT Tubagus for her contribution in bringing our Midsummer Night’s dream into reality.




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