Parent Support Group Activity : TOGETHER WE SHARE – Bazaar Murah at RW 1 Kampung Rawaroko, Rawalumbu


Bazar - The team

On Tuesday, 23rd May 2017, in celebration of SVP’s 19th anniversary, PSG with all SVP community held a charity flea market (Bazaar Murah). This bazaar is for the community around the school (RW 1, Kampung Rawaroko, Kelurahan Rawa lumbu). In this bazaar we provided: cheap groceries package (paket sembako murah) and wearable used clothes (pakaian bekas layak pakai). Parents and the SVP community members were involved in this activity. Parents donated groceries package by contributing Rp 100,000/package consist of 3kg of rice, 2lt of cooking oil, 1kg of sugar, 1 kg of wheat flour & sweet soy sauce (580ml), and the students contributed by collecting the wearable used clothes.

We got so many enthusiastic parents who supported this activity, so that we could provide 425 packages of groceries which far exceeding our target, and we still received some donations after the collection time was closed. From 425 packages, we provided 360 packages for RW 1 Kampung Rawaroko denizens with a selling price of Rp 20,000/package. To make it smooth, we provided groceries package vouchers which were distributed properly by Pak RW to the denizens. The other 65 packages were distributed for free to SVP cleaners, security guards and cleaning & parking helpers around the school. Other than that, by the support from the principals, teachers and students council, who encouraged all students in primary and secondary, we collected quite a lot of used clothes, which after being sorted, were 819 pieces of children’s clothes and 925 pieces of adult clothes. The used clothes was sorting by the school’s GA team. The price of the used clothes was around Rp5,000 to Rp10,000 / pcs, even Rp5,000/2pcs for baby’s clothes. The result, we collected an amount of RP 4,823,000.- from the used clothes sold in this bazaar, and the total of groceries packages selling is Rp 7,200,000.- according to the number of packages provided. The total of the amount will be used for our next charity/social activity which will be arranged by PSG Care Commission.

At the bazaar, we got so many guests from the RW 1 denizens who came for buying the groceries packages and the used clothes. With the amazing cooperation between PSG, secondary students, SVP team and of course Pak RW’s team, the event ran smoothly, successful and fun. We made an interaction between SVP and the RW 1 Kampung Rawaroko community, and it is one of the purposes of this activity. Thank you to all parties for their support, contributions and ideas. Thank you to all SVP Parents & Students, the PSGs especially the Care Commission and Steering Committee, the Student Council, SVP SMT, GA Team, and Pak Naman as the RW 1 Leader. Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making difference and sharing by togetherness.

Written by Ibu Vera Sisca
For PSG Care Commission



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