Grade 7 & 8 Scout Camp


Scout Camp for Grade 7 – 8 is an annual event in Victory Plus School. The school decided to hold Scout Camp annually not just because it is a requirement from the government, but also because there are a lot of benefits and positive impacts to students’ character development such as: discipline, passion, problem solving, being able to be tough in all weather conditions, respectful to people and nature and much more.

Scout Camp lasted for 3 days and 2 nights and the committee taught knowledge and skills that can be useful in students’ daily life.

On the first day, Tuesday, 2 May, student had fun games that were conducted by Grade 8 students, the games were very fun after students spent several hours traveling to the camping site.

On the second day, the fun continued with parallel activities such as: high rope outbound by the Cibodas crew, Camp Craft by Pak Bima, First Aid Mitella training by Pak Wisnu, CPR training by Pak Septian, Semapur training by Pak Idris and Knot and Tie by Pak Guntur. In the afternoon, students and group leaders prepared group performances that were to be held at nighttime.


On the third day, the agenda continued with trekking to Curug Cibeureum waterfall in Mt Gede Pangrango. Students and teachers walked for nearly 40 minutes in difficult terrain, but no one gave up. With a beautiful view of the waterfall, students soon forget the suffering of the long trek and enjoyed the waterfall.

Even though the condition around the tents was muddy and rainy, students had a good team work skills to help one another to tidy and clean up their tent, so everyone could leave the camp area of Cibodas by 12.30, after Friday prayer for Muslim students.

On the way back to Bekasi, we visited Cimori Lakeview in Puncak for those who wanted to buy souvenirs or snacks, and we arrived back to School at 17.30.

written by Bapak Septiana Wahid, PE Teacher


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