This year, Sekolah Victory Plus celebrated Independence Day by having a flag raising ceremony in the morning and followed by a series of competitions in the afternoon.The students joined some competitions according to their level. We arranged Tug of War Competitions, Sack Race Competition, Balloon Competitions, and Eating Doughnut/Crackers Competitions.They were very excited although the weather was quite hot.

The flag raise went well. The officers worked well and the students followed the ceremony seriously. After the flag raising finished, they continued the lessons except first graders. They had the outdoor competitions early. We had them in Pandawa Hall. The PICs prepared Balloon race and Eating Doughnut competitions. The students were really excited to take part in the races. After the competitions, they got a goody bag each . Then, they got back to the classroom to have lessons.

Grade 2 to Grade 6 students had the competitions after lunch time. They were so enthusiastic to join the games. The competitions were divided into grade levels. Grade 2 students had similar competitions like Grade 1 students. For Grade 3 and 4, they had Eating Crackers and Sack Races, while Grade 5 and 6 students, they had Eating Crackers and Tug of War. The PICs divided the venues into 3 places. 2nd graders had the games in the Pandawa Hall, 3rd -4th graders had them in South Wing and 5th-6th graders had them in North Wing.

Overall, the celebration went well. The students had a new spirit of the Indonesian heroes through the flag raise and happiness through the competitions.

written by Ibu Dewi Pradnya Paramita, Grade 2 Sabang and Merauke Homeroom Teacher



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