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The bitterness to say goodbye and the sweet hello to the new beginnings, Victorians, we have finally come to say our farewells as the SSC 2016-2017. Through our short journey: from the Game of Fonts, Promenade, School of Wizardry, Buka Bersama, Sports day, until the 2017 Independence Day celebration, we have put our dedication to each and every one of these. Through thick and thin and all of the struggles, it has all come to an end.

We would like to apologize for any mistakes or errors that might have been made, and also thank our lovely advisor Ms. Nurul Fajria for always being next to us, for being our fairy godmother. We would also like to thank our beloved SSC members, and also for each and every person who has participated in our events. It has been an honor to serve this wonderful school, and now we would like to welcome the new batch of SSC for the school year 2017-2018, lead by Matthew and Nadisa!

We hope that in the future the SSC can grow and continue to improve, and always learn from every single step they take.



President : Mathew Lhot Lorenz Sijabat 11 Mendel

Vice President : Febe Nadisa 11 Mendel

Secretary 1 : Iqlima Khayra Mumtazya Harmansyah 11 Einstein

Secretary 2 : Vanessa Tjandra 11 Einstein

Treasurer  : Schalke Anindya Putri 10 Milkyway

Public Relation  : Sherly Budiman 11 Pascal

Public Relation Assistant : Aurellia Anastacia 11 Pascal


Chair : Arcilla Meghan Setyabudi 10 Milkyway
Vice Chair  : Dyra Daniera 10 Centaurs
Members :
Audrey Olivia Wijanto 10 Centaurs
Samantha Rachel Giroth 9 Alpine
Clara Inggrid Rouli Tambunan 7 Australia
Diva Gabriella Prawiro 10 Centaurs
Kezia Maria Agatha 7 Asia
Nayla Septia Rohani 7 America


Chair : Marco Raja Kartanagara Haloho 11 Einstein
Vice : Tamara Rosa Anatolia Simarmata 10 Milkyway
Members :
Keanu Leandro Pandya Rasyah 8 Arctic
Nico Darmawan Sumantra 9 Everest
Theo Culver Yap 9 Andes
Phoebe Setawidjaja 7 Asia
Kesia Jadelin 9 Everest
Laura Patricia Sumantra 8 Atlantic


Chair : Carlos Vierra Otto 10 Andromeda
Vice : Sarah Vanessa Isabel Tumanggor 10 Andromeda
Members :
Aurelius Bryan Yuwana 9 Alpine
Vito Hanif Firdaus 9 Andes
Russell Revel Wijanto 7 Australia


Chair : Regina Natalia 11 Mendel
Vice : Valerin Aiko Adelin 10 Andromeda
Members :
Denisha Anabelle Halim 11 Smith
Samuel Bhekti Rosena 8 Atlantic
Freya Caralyn Winarto 8 Pacific
Michaela Benita Chandra 8 Arctic
Teresa Ruth Maria Sijabat 7 America
Ashila Alma Hanifa 8 Pacific


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