This year, Sekolah Victory Plus celebrated Independence Day by having a flag raising ceremony in the morning and followed by a series of competitions in the afternoon.The students joined some competitions according to their level. We arranged Tug of War Competitions, Sack Race Competition, Balloon Competitions, and Eating Doughnut/Crackers Competitions.They were very excited although the weather was quite hot.

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WORLD SCHOLARS CUP 2017 : Regional Round


It is that time of year again, where scholars from all around Jakarta gather in one auditorium for the start of most awaited event, the regional round of World Scholar’s Cup. This is an event that our school is no longer a stranger to. It is an international academic event with students participating from over 50 countries. The event enables scholars from all around the world to build networks with scholars from all around the world. Starting with the regional round, which takes place in cities around the world. In the regional round, a team of three scholars go against teams from schools in the same region. On the 6th and 7th of May 2017, 16 senior division students (and 29 junior division students) from our school started their journey to build new friendships and to experience the thrilling atmosphere of the World Scholar’s Cup!

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RUN for VICTORY 2017


There were almost 300 participants from Playgroup until Senior High School of Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) and students from outside SVP who joined Run For Victory 3 on Saturday, 8th April 2017. It started at 06:00 and finished around 09:00 AM. The weather was nice even though earlier at 4:00 AM it was drizzling.

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SVP wins ANPS Choir Competition

Have you ever heard the name Vicapella at SVP before? I bet you haven’t. Yes! The name Vicapella (Victory Acapella) was established when SVP registerd a group to join the ANPS Annual Choir Competition 2017. However, the choir itself had not been established at that time. Finally, the name was just randomly picked as our choir team.

After the registration, what could be the next challenge? The supervisors: Pak Chrys, Pak Daz, and Bu Stephanie worked hard to secure members for Vicapella. Hardly, the supervisors just put names that they thought they could sing and sent a commitment letter to their parents. Although at first they felt pressured, by the time they could finally enjoy the practice that was led by Ka Sita as choir conductor. Continue reading