Nothing More Than A Dream, It’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream : 2017’s Promenade


Prom: the one night when worries have no place in our minds and curfews are broken as people dance the night away. This night has always been a tradition to hold – and this year did not disappoint.

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“Guard Yourself….” Women’s Health – Cervical Cancer Prevention


Guarding ourselves from diseases is our personal responsibilities, especially from the diseases that can be easily prevented. Cervical Cancer is one of them, as it is the second highest killer of women in the world, caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and can be easily prevented. Therefore, our third Parents’ Sharing Session was about: “Women’s Health – Cervical Cancer Prevention”. It was held on April 12th, 2017 with Dr. Regina Tatiana Purba, SpOG. as the speaker.

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RUN for VICTORY 2017


There were almost 300 participants from Playgroup until Senior High School of Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) and students from outside SVP who joined Run For Victory 3 on Saturday, 8th April 2017. It started at 06:00 and finished around 09:00 AM. The weather was nice even though earlier at 4:00 AM it was drizzling.

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