Nothing More Than A Dream, It’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream : 2017’s Promenade


Prom: the one night when worries have no place in our minds and curfews are broken as people dance the night away. This night has always been a tradition to hold – and this year did not disappoint.

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Clafinova, which stands for Classical Music in the afternoon of Art Festival, is a semi-formal classical music exhibition in which participants are SVP Family members, including students, teachers, parents and employees in SVP.  ‘Clafinova’ is derived from the word Clavinova, a famous digital piano in our 3rd floor Music Room that has been used so many times for celebrating many school concerts and musical productions in SVP.  As a classical program, Clafinova doesn’t mean to only be a piano recital, but includes all kinds of musical instruments. So, why classical? Well, since many other events incorporate popular music, we decided to dedicate one event to solely classical music which has many fans, lovers and admirers from all walks of life.

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SVP wins ANPS Choir Competition

Have you ever heard the name Vicapella at SVP before? I bet you haven’t. Yes! The name Vicapella (Victory Acapella) was established when SVP registerd a group to join the ANPS Annual Choir Competition 2017. However, the choir itself had not been established at that time. Finally, the name was just randomly picked as our choir team.

After the registration, what could be the next challenge? The supervisors: Pak Chrys, Pak Daz, and Bu Stephanie worked hard to secure members for Vicapella. Hardly, the supervisors just put names that they thought they could sing and sent a commitment letter to their parents. Although at first they felt pressured, by the time they could finally enjoy the practice that was led by Ka Sita as choir conductor. Continue reading “SVP wins ANPS Choir Competition”

Green Concert 2017

Green Concert 2017: From Earth to Earth

Written by: Dasrizal

SVP ran its annual charity concert entitled the ‘Green Concert’ on Saturday, February 25, 2017. This two hour event had been prepared months before by all parties involved, including  students as performers, teachers as committee, and school management. The Green Concert itself was a part of the 2017 Art Festival which ran from February 19 to 23, 2017.

The Green Concert presented varied performances such as choir, orchestra, dance, and an auction of visual arts creations. During the preparation, there were many things happening, such as the adjustment of the program and managing practice schedules. However, we all could overcome it and gave a superb concert on the D day. Continue reading “Green Concert 2017”