Grade 7 & 8 Scout Camp


Scout Camp for Grade 7 – 8 is an annual event in Victory Plus School. The school decided to hold Scout Camp annually not just because it is a requirement from the government, but also because there are a lot of benefits and positive impacts to students’ character development such as: discipline, passion, problem solving, being able to be tough in all weather conditions, respectful to people and nature and much more.

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Nothing More Than A Dream, It’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream : 2017’s Promenade


Prom: the one night when worries have no place in our minds and curfews are broken as people dance the night away. This night has always been a tradition to hold – and this year did not disappoint.

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Japan Immersion Programme


Taking a chance and leaving our comfort zone always takes courage, even for young people who generally have an adventurous spirit. Some Grade 8 students chose to take a chance and go on an adventure far from their parents, far from their home, and far from their country.

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Grade 7 Excursion to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah



Grade 7 students had a chance to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah / TMII for an excursion. They visited Hakka Museum at Tionghoa Park for the Mandarin Subject, Snowbay for the PHE subject and Fresh Water World and Insect museum for Science.

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